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1.1 Frontend Installation Guide (SaaS)

1. Installing Writeback SaaS

  • Note: You need to be Tenant Admin to be able to import extensions.
  • Currently Writeback SaaS is only working with Qlik Sense Professional Licenses
  • Go to the Qlik Management Console on Qlik Sense SaaS and select the Extensions option, to go to the Qlik Management Console use the following url by replacing it with your tenant name: https://yourtenantname.us.qlikcloud.com/console
  • Click the Add Button and drag the extension package to the placeholder, after that click in the add button. The extension package needs to be imported as a .zip file.
  • After the import the extension should look like this:
  • Now that the Pomerol Writeback Extensions was already imported, go to the app, click on “Edit sheet” on the top right corner and then click on “custom objects” on the left sidebar and under “About Pomerol Writeback” you can find the extension, click on it and drag it to the sheet.
  • Click on the extension object to open the properties.
  • Go to the connection properties and fill them.
  • To be able to use the Writeback Extension properly in a shared space make sure you have “Can view” and “Can edit” permissions inside the space were the files are going to be stored, for a managed space make sure you have the “Can Manage” permission.
  • Now if you open the Pomerol Writeback Extension and edit some data and save it, your new data file is going to get created in the Space chosen with the filename and type selected.
  • Note: To upgrade the Writeback SaaS just make sure you delete the existing Pomerol Writeback extension first by clicking on it and selecting “Delete”, and then follow the steps on this page to install again.

Updated on November 25, 2021

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